About Us

In 2023 Jacobs Senior Solution was founded by LC Jacobs, an entrepreneur who recognized that finding the right senior living solution for themselves or loved ones was a very stressful process. She understands that leaving your loving home where you have made many memories can be difficult to leave. LC educates her clients, so they understand that their life doesn’t stop when they transition into a senior living community. Her goal is to bring the families that piece of mind by doing all the legwork from start to finish. 


    • CARE
      • ✔ Treat every client with respect and the attention they deserve.


      • ✔ Your current situation and life experiences matter so we will always take the time to listen.


      • ✔ Throughout the process, you will be kept informed every step of the way.


    Kevin Holmes

    Kevin Holmes


    Kevin started his career as an electrician for the Department of Environmental Protection where he worked for over 20 years until he retired.  During this time, he would help his friends and family with their electrical needs while saving them money.   

    Kevin has always been in the business of helping people.  As a child, he would help his elderly neighbors carry their groceries to their homes and help them shovel snow in the winter.  As his parents aged and lost some of their independence, Kevin found it difficult to find affordable housing and reliable care for them.  As his father’s health declined, he had to move his father into his home and pay for intermittent care while he worked.  This was neither ideal nor sustainable.  This is when he realized there was a need to provide services to the aging community and help their children find appropriate care for them at different stages of their parent’s lives.  That is when he decided to redirect his focus to helping older adults.  Over the years, he started mentoring older and younger adults in preparation for finding affordable housing.